Bring your horse or venture with one of ours. Take a beginner class or explore the extensive area around us. We have all the necessary logistics for the comfort of your ride and packs that match your stay.

Mountain bikes make the most of our surroundings. Considering the high number of dirt paths, trails, rugged paths and high slopes, the mountain bike will give you maximum comfort and safety.

Treasure hunting 2.0. We hid some treasure. We give you the GPS coordinates. Your job is to find it. By doing so, you get to know the area, have fun and win a prize!

Nautical Activities

The Marechal Carmona dam is just a few minutes away and is ideal for those seeking refuge from the our hot summers and for enthusiasts of water sports, such as water skiing, sport fishing or motor water sports

By appointment. Subject to availability.

A complex card game, played as a team. Two against two in an addictive intellectual challenge. We organize Duplicate and Rubber bridge.



Complementing the several routes already existent in the region, we also made our own. Whether you’re going for a stroll or for a long bicycle ride, we have the option for you.


Historic Villages

Discover Monsanto, Penha Garcia, Idanha-a-Velha, among others. Be dazzled by what the Romans left us or by the fossil remains of the iconological park.


Tagus International Park

For wildlife enthusiasts, this is an extensive park where you can see an imposing variety of fauna and flora, have a riverside picnic or a boat trip on the Tagus.